It seems like we have been making a lot of flowers lately. Flowers seem to be a must have for spring and summer. I love to incorporate all kinds of flowers throughout my home. We are always crafting and creating here at The Shabby Tree and we have been using a lot of felt for a few of our DIY’s. You can easily create a fun flower using one sheet of felt.

The supplies I will be using for this particular DIY are:

1. A few sheets of felt (I picked some up at Walmart and a few from Hobby Lobby)

2. Scissors

3. Paper plate

4. Ink pen

5. Hot glue

6. Paper mache cone

7. Chalk paint

8. Ribbon

9. Paint brush

The first step is to fold the paper plate in half and the sheet of felt in half. Place the folded paper plate on the folded end of the felt.

Trace the paper plate and then cut out your pattern. When you unfold the felt you should have a circle.

Take the scissors and begin cutting around the circle forming a spiral.

Once you have your spiral you will then begin to cut along the outer edge forming the curved petals for the flower.

You will then add hot glue to the outer end piece.

Add the hot glue along the straight edge. You will then begin to roll the felt forming g your flower. Be sure to keep adding the hot glue along the straight edge and line the edge up as you roll.

You will continue adding hot glue and rolling until you get to the end.

You will add hot glue to the round end piece and secure it to the back of your flower.

I will be adding the flowers to the outer edge of a paper mache cone. This will be cute to fill with goodies fir Easter.

I painted the paper mache cone with a sheepskin colored chalk paint. I sanded it lightly down to let some of the brown show through. I then hot glued the flowers along the outer edge of the cone.

I drilled two holes at the top of the cone to add a ribbon for a hanger.

I knotted the ribbon so it would not slip through the holes. The flowers turned out amazing and can be added to almost anything.

I hope you will get creative and give this flower a try. You can create these flowers in a variety of colors and they can be used throughout the year.