I love Halloween and I somehow wanted to incorporate a ghost into my Halloween decorations. I have been using a lot of lace and muslin for my diy crafts and decided to give a ghost a try with it. These are so easy and turned out so stinking cute.

You will need some material (I’m using muslin, lace and cheesecloth). You will also need styrofoam balls, ribbon or twine, scissors, Elmer’s glue and black glitter.

The first step is to cut some pieces of your material. I didn’t really measure for this I just eyeballed it. The length of your material depends on how long you want your ghost to be. I cut two pieces. One piece of muslin and one piece of lace.

After you have your material cut you, place it over the styrofoam ball.

Gather the material around the ball and tie it with your ribbon.

You now have a ghost. Next, I took Elmer’s glue and made two eyes and a mouth and then sprinkled black glitter over it.

These are so easy and turned out so cute! I placed some in my Halloween trees and I will also hang some on my fireplace mantel.