I have been finding myself in the Dollar Tree a lot lately and I recently picked up a few glass items. After looking at the 3 glass items that I purchased I realized they stack very well together. The 3 glass items will work perfect for the body of an angel. This angel will be very easy to create.

The supplies that I will be using are :

1. One glass candle stick from the Dollar Tree

2. One round glass candle holder from the Dollar Tree

3. One glass vase from the Dollar Tree

4. E6000 glue

5. Rust-oleum spray paint ( color is Heirloom White)

6. Scissors

7. Twine

8. Metal angel wings from our website

I found all 3 glass items in the Dollar Tree but you can use any items that will work together.

I went outside and gave all 3 glass items a light coat of spray paint.

The next step is to attach the angel wings to the glass vase. The angel wings that I’m using are from our website and we are always restocking them. I cut a piece of twine about 50 inches long and placed each end up and through the backside of the angel wings as shown in photo above.

I pulled the twine all the way up and then brought both pieces to the front side of the wings.

I pulled them down the front and came back around. This will bring your twine back to the top center of the wings.

I laid the glass vase on top of the wings and wrapped the twine around the vase. I brought both ends of the twine under the center middle of the wings and up to the top of the wings. You can bring the twine down and around the center of the wings again and then knot the twine on the back side of the wings.


I then used the E6000 glue to attach all 3 glass pieces together.

I added some silver tinsel to the top and decided to tie some ribbon around the beck area. You can also add a small battery operated candle to the head which will light the angel up at night.










This angel is very easy to make and turns out great. I hope you will have fun and give this Diy a try.