We all love decorating our homes and if you’re like me then you might like adding a variety of lights throughout your home. I’m a huge crafter so I like to create fun and unique items. I found some amazing glass blocks in Hobby Lobby that can be turned into a fun and unique light for home.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Glass block from Hobby Lobby (this one is 6×6 )

2. Mod podge

3. Sunflower napkin

4. Decorative glass filler (this is from Michael’s)

5. Clip light

6. Paint brush

7. Scissors

The first step is to decoupage the napkin onto the glass block. I am using a sunflower napkin. You will find the link for the napkin at the end of this blog post. I do not want to cover the whole glass block with the napkin so I am cutting out one sunflower.

Be sure to pull the layers of napkin apart.

You will want to add the mod podge onto the glass block and then add the napkin.

Add another coat of mod podge over the top of the sunflower.

I want to add a decorative glass to the front of the glass block. This glass is from Michael’s and comes in a variety of colors. I will be adding g this around the sunflower. You will want to add a thick coat of the mod podge and then sprinkle on the glass.

I used my fingers to press the glass down into the mod podge.

I added some greenery with hot glue to the bottom of the cube. I left the opening for the light at the bottom of the cube. You can have the opening at the top or bottom of your light.

You can decoupage a variety of items onto this glass cube. Here is a photo of Mr. Wally and I that was printed on a piece of tissue paper. You can tape the tissue paper to a sheet of computer paper and print your image onto it.

I did not like how the light looked up in the glass block so I decided to place a set of battery operated lights behind the glass cube.

These lights will look amazing any where in your home

You can find the exact sunflower napkins I used here and if you use the code SUN you will get 10% off your entire purchase: https://europeanexcellency.com/product/the-last-sun-luncheon-napkins/?doing_wp_cron=1616101739.6436510086059570312500