I love decorating my home and I love keeping trees up in my home all year long. You will find a variety of unique trees in all sizes throughout my home. If your following The Shabby Tree then you also know that I love to decorate with lace and doilies. One of my amazing followers sent me a tree idea using glass jars and I knew I had to give it a try.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Glass jars (I am using 12 small diced pimientos glass jars)

2. E6000 glue

3. Drill and drill bit

4. Hot glue

5. Set of 20 lights (optional)

6. Twelve small doilies (optional)

You will need to make sure all your glass jars are the same height and size. All of the jars that you are using will need to have lids.

The first step is to drill a hole into the center of the lid. Your not going to see the lid so it doesn’t have to be exactly in the center. I am using a larger drill bit so that my lights will easily slide into the hole.

You will need to drill a hole into all of the lids.

Next you will need to form your tree. I am using 2 jars to form a trunk and then I made 4 rows going up to the top of my tree.

You can make your tree as big as you would like. The more jars you use the bigger your tree will be. Once your tree is formed it is time to glue it together.

I am using E6000 glue but I am adding a little hot glue to help hold it all together until the E6000 glue dries. I usually give E6000 glue a good 48 hours to dry.

You will be gluing this tree together by adding glue to the sides of your glass jars. I am first gluing the 2 jars together to form the trunk of my tree. I am adding the E6000 glue and then a touch of the hot glue to help hold it together.

I then add more glue to attach the trunk to the next 2 glass jars.

I continue this process working my way up to the top of the tree.

Once you have all of your jars glued together you will need to set it aside to dry. I suggest letting g it dry for 48 hours.

I am adding doilies to the front of my glass tree. The doilies are still going to allow the light from the string of lights to shine through. I am using hot glue to attach the doilies to the glass jars.

The lids are the back of your tree and the bottom glass part of the jars is the front of your tree. I have now glued a doily to each jar.

You will now need to flip your tree with the back side facing up. Next insert your lights into the holes that you drilled in the lids. I have 12 jars and my lights are a set of 20. I will add 2 lights into a few of the holes and all the others will have one light.

Once you have all your lights inserted into the holes in the lids it is then time to plug your tree in.

I am in love with how this tree turned out. You can get creative and decorate your tree other ways. I used doilies and white lights so that it will match the decor in my home and I can keep it out all year long.