Christmas will be here before you know it and I wanted to get a head start on making my holiday decorations. I was shopping in Hobby Lobby and saw a few glass containers that caught my eye. I knew when I saw them that they would create an amazing snowman head!

The supplies that you will need are:
1. Glass bowl (this one I am using is from Hobby Lobby)
2. Glass vase (this one I am using is from Hobby Lobby)
3. Glass dish (this one I am using is from Dollar Tree)
4. E6000 glue
5. Hot glue
6. Spray Paint (I am using a black and a cream)
7. Scissors
8. Ribbon (I’m using a burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby)
9. Acrylic paint (black and orange)
10. Greenery sprig
11. Paint brush and sponge
First you will need to make sure all your glass is cleaned.
You will want to spray paint the dish and the vase black. I spray painted the dish on the top side only.
You will then want to spray paint the vase on the inside only.
You will want to spray the inside of your bowl cream.
I am using E6000 glue to attach all 3 pieces together.
You will want to put the E6000 glue on the bottom rim of your bowl.
Next you will place your plate on top with the top of the plate facing down.
Next you will add glue to the rim of the vase.
Place the vase onto the plate.
Now you wi need to paint t on the face. I found it easiest to use a sponge for the eyes and mouth. I am using a larger sponge for the eyes and a smaller sponge for the mouth.
You can now use orange paint to paint on the nose or you can glue a small decorative carrot on for the nose.
You can now add a decorative ribbon and greenery to the hat.
I am using a burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby. I wanted it to be thinner so I folded it in half. You will then glue it in place onto the hat.
I added some greenery where my burlap ends were glued together.
This snowman is so easy to create and I hope you will all give it a try. This snowman head would make a great decoration on your front porch or in your home.
You can add some battery operated lights up under the head. This snowman head is going to look so cute on my front porch for Christmas.