I like to use all different type of hang tags. I use shipping tags which I order from amazon, small print tags which I buy from Hobby Lobby and brown and while tags of different sizes which also come from Hobby Lobby.


When making my tags I will use a hot glue gun, Elmer’s glue,mod lodge and glitter.


Lace and doilies seem to be two of my favorite items I use when making hang tags. I like to decoupage lace onto the hang tag and use doilies as accent items.


Strands of pearls and ribbons of all colors are items I seem to use a lot. I find most of my ribbon from Hobby Lobby.



Paper flowers which I seem to always get from Hobby Lobby are great items to use. You can get these in a variety of colors.



Small decorative metal items are such a unique item to add to any hang tag. I find so many unique items in The Tim Holtz section in Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

A great item to use are stickers. You can find so many different kinds of stickers at any craft store


Stampers and Ink pads are two of my must haves for hang tags. I’m always picking up unique stampers from my local craft stores.


You can get so creative with hangs tags. Here are a variety of items I will be using to make some americana hang tags to put throughout my home for Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

I hope you all get creative and make some fun but unique hang tags.