I’m a huge thrift store shopper and I have recently found some amazing old glass light covers. There are a lot of things you can create with glass but I knew right away that I wanted to some how create hanging candle holders. If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you know I love using the battery operated candles throughout my home. I knew that a candle would look amazing in the glass light cover.

You can find a variety of glass light covers. They will usually have one hole in the center where it would screw up into the light fixture. I found a beautiful one that had 3 holes in it. These are beautiful and I knew they would look amazing hanging on my porch with candles in them.

We will need to drill some holes in a few of them.

You will need a glass and tile drill bit and you will need to drill 3 holes into the glass. This is going to hang so you will need three holes evenly spaced apart.

You will want to drill the holes up close to the edge of the light cover.

It is good to keep a bowl of cool water by you so that you can add some water over the glass in between drilling. I drip water over the glass because it help keep the glass cool while drilling which will help prevent it from cracking or breaking.

Be sure to drill your whole completely through the glass.

Once my holes are drilled I then add ribbon through each hole.

You will tie your ribbons to create a hanger. I gathered all three ribbons at the top and tied one big knot.

Some light fixtures may already have 3 holes in them. I just added my ribbons and tied knots to hold them all in place.

These are so easy to create you can add a variety of candles or candle rings to them.

These are beautiful at night and look amazing on my front porch.

I hope you will get creative and give this a try. This can be created with the glass light covers but it can also be created with a class bowl.