We’re always getting creative here at The Shabby Tree and we’re always trying to change things up. I found myself in the Dollar Tree looking at every day items and trying to find ways to get creative with them. I found a simple cooling rack in the Dollar Tree that I know we can easily turn into a hanging pocket.

The supplies that we’ll be using are:

1. One cooling rack from the Dollar Tree

2. Chunky yarn

3. Scissors

4. Wired jute cord

The first step is to bed the cooling rack in half.

Be sure to bend the rack as shown in photo above.

You can bend the rack as much as you want. This will be a pocket so I want a bigger opening.

My opening is about 4 inches wide at the top.

Once you have the cooling rack bent it is time to wrap the yarn onto it. You’ll be weaving the yarn in and out of the cooling rack grooves. I cut a smaller piece of yarn about 9 yards long. You can always add more yarn if needed.

The first step is to tie a knot at the bottom of the bend as shown in photo above.

You will now wrap the yarn around the long end piece and then go across and wrap the yarn around the other end piece.

Once you come across the side you’ll then want to weave the yarn in and out of the slots.

Be sure to wrap the yarn around the end piece after weaving through the slots. Wrapping around the end piece each time will help secure the sides in place. We’re creating a pocket and you need to be sure that the yarn is covering the sides to your pocket.

Once you go around the entire pocket once you’ll want to alternate the weaving for the second row.

If the first row went over the bar then the second row will go under the bar as shown in photo above.

You will continue the same process working your way to the top of the pocket.

Be sure to wrap the yarn around every end piece when going to the other side. Once on the other side you’ll wrap the yarn again around the end piece before weaving the yarn down the side.

Once you get to the top you’ll want to wrap the yarn across the entire top wire strip.

I wrapped it around the one side and then went across to the other side.

Once you have your pocket complete you’ll then wrap the end piece around the top corner and tie it in a knot.

I used the wired jute cord to create a hanger for the pocket.

This was very easy to make and can be used so many different ways. I think this will look great with flowers added for any season or holiday.

I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun pocket a try.