Do you have headbands or love to wear headbands? I have a few headbands I love but I never seem to know where to keep them. If you have little girls that wear a lot of headbands then you’re going to love this DIY! This can be placed in a dresser in a bedroom or on the counter in a bathroom.

The supplies you will need for this DIY are:

1. A paper towel roll (you will not be ruining the paper towels) or large oatmeal container

2. Material

3. Scissors

4. Glue gun

5. Optional items are a candle stick and plate

The first step is to cut your material to cover the paper towel roll. You want to be sure the material will wrap around the paper towel roll. I am leaving about 6 inches of material on each end of the roll.

Once your material is cut you can add glue to one end and fold the material over to give you a finished edge.

Now it is time to roll the material around the paper towel roll. Be sure to pull it tight so you won’t have any saggy areas.

Be sure to have your finished edge piece overlap the unfinished edge piece. Add hot glue to hold it all together.

Next you will want to take the material at both ends and tightly tuck it into the paper towel roll.

If you want you can add some hot glue to the inside of the paper towel roll to make sure the material stays in place.

I am gluing a small silver plate to a silver candle holder. This is going to be my base.

I added a little hot glue and then placed my covered paper towel roll on top.

And there you have it… a cute and simple headband holder! This is so easy to make and will hold quite a few headbands.