If you love unique items for your home then your going to love this project.

 All you will need is some kind of tray or platter and a hook of your choice. You will also need a drill with drill bit ,screws with nuts (the size of your screw depends on the size of the hole your hook has) marker, twine and screw driver.I’m always in thrift stores so my trays are just old silver trays that I found for $1.00 and my hooks shown here are all from Hobby Lobby.


DIY Hook Hangers 




You will first need to see where you need to drill your holes into the tray . I’m marking the holes in my hook onto the tray with a black marker.









Once your holes are marked just drill through your platter so that you can screw your hook onto the platter.



I also drilled 2 holes above because this is where I’m going to tie some twine to make a hanger so that it can be hung onto a nail in the wall. You want to drill the holes for the twine where it won’t be seen from the from. On this particular one my twine will be hidden under my hand hook.




 After your holes are drilled and twine hook done then screw you hook to platter.


 You will have your nuts on the back to hold your screw in place.



 Now you have a unique towel hanger.

 You can use a variety of hooks and platters but you will do the same process.