I’m a huge crafter and I am always looking for embellishments to add to a lot of my creations. I use a lot of hot glue and wanted to to try creating some embellishments with it. I ordered a variety of silicone molds from amazon as well as an amazing mat.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Hot glue

2. A silicone mat (you can find the exact one I am using here)

3. Silicone molds (you can find the angel wing mold I am using here)

I first added the hot glue to my silicone molds. I am not filling the molds to the top I am just doing a thin layer.

I have a variety of different molds. I am in love with this angel wings mold (you can find this mold here)

You will need to give the hot glue a few minutes to cool down and get hard. I sometimes will place them into the freezer for a few seconds if I am in a hurry.

You can easily pop them out once they are cooled and hardened. You can take scissors and trim the edges if needed.

You can easily create your own embellishments right onto a silicone mat (you can find the mat I am using here) using the hot glue.

If you are following The Shabby Tree then you all know I have to make a tree.

You can have fun and create a variety of embellishments.

Once they are cooled down they will easily lift off of the silicone mat.

You can paint these in a variety of colors. I am using some chalk paint and some metallic Lustre by Deco Art.

You can probably use any type of paint you would like. I use a lot of cream and lace so I am using a cream colored paint for my wings and tree.

The sunflower one I am using the gold rush and iced espresso metallic lustre.

I rubbed a little of the Iced Espresso Metallic Lustre over my cream paint. This gave my embellishments more of an antique look.

These are very easy to make and I love how easy it is to do. You can use these on a variety of things. I will be adding them to my Shabby Tree notebook and a lot of my DIY banners.

The wings are great to add to your DIY angels. I hope you enjoy this DIY and give it a try.