If you want something fun and unique then this DIY is for you. I am always in my local Goodwill and I have been finding a lot of lampshades recently. I seem to be obsessed with trees and I keep them up in my home all year long. After accumulating a lot of lampshades I knew I had to somehow make a tree. This can be done numerous ways but I wanted to keep it simple and easy!


The supplies you will need are:


1. Lamp shades (they will need to be a variety of sizes)


2. Spraypaint


3. Glue gun


4. Scissors


5. Lace or doilies


6. Drill


7. Candle holder, lamp base or anything that you want to be the base of your tree.


8. Screws and washers (the size will depend on the size of hole in lamp shade.







The first thing you will need to do is decide what colors you want your lamp shades. I spray painted some black and cream.







After your lamp shades are completely dry you need to decide how you want to stack them. These will be stacked from biggest on bottom to smallest on top.







You will stack these on whatever type of base you decide to use. I will be using a candlestick for one. I will drill a hole through the center of the candlestick. I will then place my biggest lamp shade on top of candlestick and screw a screw through the hole of lampshade.







After my bottom lamp shade is secure to my base I then pile the others on. I wanted a little more decor to my tree so I added lace and doilies. I just hot glued the doilies and lace to the lamp shades.







I did the same process to my second tree except for this one I used a lamp base instead of a candle holder. I took the top part of the lamp shade off so that my tree sits lower down onto the lamp base.












I did not glue any of my lampshades to each other so that it can be stored away easier. I love how these turned out. You can add a strand of battery operated lights to the inside of the shades. This will give it a pretty glow at night.