Spring is around the corner and I wanted to add some large decorative eggs into my spring decorations. These can be done in a variety of sizes. I will be adding them into my spring trees and in my large dough bowl. You can also make these using a variety of materials. I want a variety of styles so I will be using chunky yarn as well as a twine.





The supplies you will need are:

1. Plastic egg ( this can be any size plastic egg you want. It just needs to be able to come apart)

2. Yarn or twine

3. Scissors

4. Glue and glue gun

5. Tape

6. Wax paper



The first thing you will need to do is cover the two halves of the plastic egg with wax paper. I wrap the wax paper around the egg and tape it in place. I add the wax paper so that I can slide the piece iā€™m making off and continually reuse the plastic egg.





After your plastic egg pieces are wrapped with wax paper it is time to start wrapping your yarn or twine around the egg pieces. I do this by adding hot glue onto the wax paper and then adding the yarn.




You will do the same process to both pieces of your egg. Once you have both pieces wrapped you should be able to slide it off the plastic egg piece.



Once you have both pieces off of the plastic egg pieces you will want to glue them together. I took some recycling papers and added them to the inside of my yarn pieces to hold the shape of the egg. This is an optional step.





I did the same process using twine. I love this DIY because it allows you to create a variety of eggs. You can use any type of yarn or twine and get creative.




Once you have all your eggs glued together you can get creative and add doilies and decorations to your eggs. I have two that I decorated and placed in my decorative centerpiece. You can see exactly how I created the centerpiece over on my YouTube channel. I hope you all get creative and make a few of these eggs.