Ok I am trying to create some fun and unique Americana decor for my mantel. I love the way my mantel looks right now for Easter but I would like to change it out and add some Americana decor for the summer. We recently changed up a wooden star that I purchased from the Dollar Tree Plus. The star turned out amazing but there is something else I would like to do to it.

You can see how we created the star shown above right here https://theshabbytree.com/dollar-tree-makeover-using-americana-decor-metallics-by-decoart/

I want to change up this star so that I can stand it up on my mantel and add a strand of lights to it.

This will be very quick and easy to do and the supplies I will be using are:

1. Drill and a 25mm carbon hole drill bit

2. Scrap piece of lace

3. Scissors

4. Mod podge

5. Paint brush

6. Small 1/2 inch nails

7. Hammer

8. Strand of 35ct lights

You will drill hole in the center of the star as shown in photo above.

Once the hole is drilled you will flip the star over and add mod podge to the edge of the star.

Place the piece of lace on top of the star. Use the small nails to secure the lace in place. I added a nail to the end of each point of the star. Be sure to pull the lace tight when adding the nails.

Once I had the nails added and the lace pulled tight I then added more mod podge over the edge of the star.

Use the scissors to trim off the excess lace.

Add the strand of lights into the hole on the backside of the star.

This was very easy to create and will look amazing on my mantel. I hope you will have fun and give this a try.