We are always creating a variety of trees here at The Shabby Tree. I love trees, but I also love lights which has me wanting to create a fun and unique light up tree. We use a lot of everyday items for a lot of our crafts and I know we can create an amazing tree using a variety of old lampshades.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Three different size lampshades

2. Wood burning tool

3. Warm caramel colored spray paint

4. Greenery sprigs

5. Battery operated lights

The first step is to use the wood burning tool to create small holes throughout all of the lampshades. This is best to do outside because it will give off a little smoke.

You want to find different size lampshades that stack on top of each other forming your tree.
Once you have all of the holes in your lampshades you will then spray paint them.
I used a warm caramel colored spray paint so that it will have a more rustic look.
I added a few greenery sprigs to the top lampshade. You can change out the greenery sprigs for different seasons. I also added a few sprigs of rusty stars.
This tree can be created any size or color. I love how easy this is and I love that you can add a set of battery operated lights up into the lampshades. I hope you will get creative and give this fun and unique tree a try.