Okay I always seem to be losing my eyeglasses. I have bought the necklace eyeglasses holder but I am always running around and bending over at work and it always seems to get in my way. I wanted something that I can wear to hold my eyeglasses when I don’t need to be using them. I am always putting my glasses on and off throughout the day and I need to have my glasses with me throughout the day. If you’re following the Shabby Tree then you all know that I love my bling. If you’re like me and you only need glasses for reading and doing paper work then your going to want to make one of these fun and easy eyeglass holders!

The supplies you will need for this are:

1. A pendant or bling embellishment of your choice

2. Magnets (I’m using round heavy duty magnets)

3. Hot glue or E6000 glue

4. Round ring (you will see photo of the size ring I am using down below)

You can find a variety of rings in Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section.

My pendant has a button hook on the back that I am cutting off. I want my magnet to lay flush against the back of my pendant.

The next step is to glue your metal ring and one magnet to the back of your pendant. You can glue this with hot glue or E6000 glue.

Once your pendant is glued together you will then place another magnet underneath your shirt to attach the magnet with the ring and pendant to.

The two magnets will hold the pendant in place. The ring is where you will slide your glasses through.


This is so easy to make and it would make a great gift idea.