Okay I’m not usually a big wreath person but I am in love with this one! I wanted to create something fun that I can hang on my front door or just hang in my house for Christmas. My house will be filled with all types of Christmas decorations and I just know that this poinsettia is going to go well with some of my vintage items.

Your main supply for this wreath is a mesh ribbon. You will want to be sure to get the one that is 21 inches wide. I am using a roll of red and a roll of green mesh a ribbon.

Some other supplies that you will need are:

1. Scissors

2. Glue gun

3. Ruler or tape measure

4. Wire or zip ties

5. Wire cutters (if using wire)

6. Some type of ball ornament about 2 inches big or decorative ball (I am using the balls from sprigs that I got from Hobby Lobby)

The first step is to cut 16 pieces of your mesh ribbon. You will want to cut these 21 inches long and they will be 21 inches wide.

Separate your pieces into 2 piles and each pile will have 8 pieces.

Cut a piece of wire to attach 8 pieces together in the center.

Do the same thing to your second pile.

You will now need to cut another piece of wire and place your two pieces one on top of another. Use the piece of wire to attach them together.

I then cut a piece of the green mesh ribbon 42 inches long and 21 inches wide

I then rolled it long wise and wrapped a piece of wire in the center.

You will then attach this to the back of your poinsettia.

I used the scissors to cut the ends of the green ribbon at a point. This helps to make it look more like a leaf.

The last step is to attach the balls to center of the poinsettia. I cut my balls off of the sprigs and hot glued them on.

This wreath is so quick and easy to make that I hope you will all consider giving it a try.