You will start seeing so many different holiday mugs being put out in the stores right now which had me thinking about something. I am all about a fun decorative mug and I seem to have a lot of them but I also have a few plain mugs. You can easily turn a few plain mugs into cute decorative mugs.
The supplies I will be using are:
1. Plain mug ( this works best with a straight sided mug or a mug with just a slight curve to it.
2. Wide ribbon
3. Needle and thread ( colors to match your ribbon)
4. Buttons ( color to match your ribbon)
5. Scissors
6. Hot glue
7. Scrap piece of muslin material
8. Ink pad and stampers
9. Markers ( I am using Marvy Le Plume markers I purchased from a craft store)
10. Elastic ( I am using 1/8” braided elastic)
The first step is to cut your strip of ribbon . You want this strip of ribbon to fit around the center of your mug. I am using a sweater ribbon that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.
I will be hot glueing the corners in on one end of the ribbon.
You will do this same process on the other end of the ribbon.
The next step is to sew a button on one end as shown in photo below.
Once the bottom is sewn in place you will then sew a small strip of elastic on the other end. You want to create a small loop from the elastic as shown in photo below.
This strip can now be easily attached around the mug.
There are so many different ways you can create these covers.
I used a stamper on a small piece of muslin and then colored it in.
I used the hot glue to attach the muslin onto the mug cover.
I added a little glitter to give the cover a touch of sparkle.
I used a different ribbon and added two buttons and two loops of elastic to the ends.
These covers are very easy to make and can also be used on battery operated candles.
These are fun to make and I think they are a fun gift idea. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.