If your on a budget and you want a quick and easy diy then you will want to try this one. Most of my supplies are from The Dollar Tree.

The supplies you will need are:

A roll of brown paper( I got mine from the Dollar tree)

Stuffing Some patterns of your choice ( I’m using some foam cutouts from the Dollar tree)


Hot glue gun

Wire Wire cutters

Paint ( colors of your choice)

First step is to trace your pattern onto the brown paper and then cut it out. You will need your paper to be doubled so you will be cutting out two pieces. This will give you a front and back.















Then you will take your hot glue and glue the 2 pieces together. You will just glue around the edges and leave an opening at the bottom. The opening is where you will stuff your ornament with your stuffing. You will be using a very small amount of stuffing. Your ornament should be lightly stuffed just to give it a little puffiness.







You will then glue your opening closed. Now it is time to paint your ornament. I will be applying some lace over my ornament and then spray painting. This will give my ornament a lace print . I’m using a basic spray paint with a chalk finish.











I am doing an angel and then I did a pumpkin.






I added a stick in the pumpkin for a stem and then glued some moss to the top.



These are fun and easy to make and I hope you all give them a try.