I try to inspire everyone to keep one small tree up all year long. This is a fun tree ornament that you can make any color or print that you want. This is a very easy ornament to make using the small craft paper books that you can find in the craft stores.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. A small paper craft book (the paper size I am using is 6×6)

2. Brown paper (I got a roll of this from the Dollar Tree)

3. Twine

4. Scissors

5. Hot glue

6. Ink pen or pencil

The paper I am using is double sided but it does not have to be. You will only be seeing one side of this paper.

I cut a piece of the twine the length of my paper.



You will hold one of the twine in one corner and then hold the other end of the twine with an ink pen in the other corner. You will then move the twine to the other corner and draw a line as you move it.

You should have a curved line. You will then cut it out.

I cut a small piece of twine and made a loop and tied a knot. This will be the hanger for my ornament. I glued this onto my paper before forming my tree.

It is now time to wrap your paper around forming a cone shape. I used hot glue to hold it all together.

Next I made a trunk for my tree using the brown paper.

I cut a piece of paper about 7 inches wide and then rolled it to form a trunk. I used the hot glue as I rolled it.

I cut the rink about 6 inches long. I then added hot glue to one end to glue it up into the tree.

This is so easy to make and I just love how you can create them any color or print that you want. I find a lot of my paper in Hobby Lobby. You can get small books of it over in their scrapbook section.