We have been creating a lot of Spring and Easter decorations here at The Shabby Tree. Easter is quickly approaching and I thought it would be fun to make a few colorful peeps using styrofoam.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One sheet of styrofoam 1” inch thick

2. Bunny shaped cookie cutter

3. Paint ( pink, yellow and black)

4. Paint brush

5. Elmer’s Glue

6. Sugar glitter

You will want to press the cookie cutter down onto the styrofoam as shown in photo above.

You can use a hammer to press the cookie cutter down into the styrofoam.

Once you have the styrofoam peeps cut out it is then time to paint them.

I painted a few pink and a few yellow.

You will want to let the paint dry and then add some black for the eyes.

Once all of the paint is dry you will then cover them with Elmer’s glue.

You will cover the whole styrofoam peep with Elmer’s glue and then sprinkle on the sugar glitter.

I call it sugar glitter because it looks just like sugar.

These are very easy to make and will look great in a dough bowl or on a two tier tray. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.