I was recently shopping in Home Goods and picked up a few of their .99 cent bags. These are amazing bags that can be used for all types of things. The print on the bag that I bought is so pretty and colorful. I wanted to get creative with this bag so I decided to turn it into a quick and easy decorative pillow for my porch.

The supplies that I will be using are:

1. One decorative bag from Home Goods

2. Polyester fiberfil

3. Scissors

4. Sewing machine

5. Six straight pins

The first step is to cut the bag. I cut along the stitching and seams to give me two even pieces. This is a double sided bag so you will get two square pieces to create a pillow.

You will not be using the bottom or the sides of the bag.

Once I had the two pieces cut out I then pinned them together with both good sides facing. I only pinned around 3 sides.

I will not be sewing the center section of one side because that us where I will be stuffing the pillow.

Once you have the pillow sewn you will then turn it inside out. You should have both good sides facing out and then you will stuff your pillow. I used a needle and thread to sew the opening closed.

This pillow is very easy to make and will look great on any porch. I hope you will check out the bags in Home Goods or Marshall’s and give this fun pillow a try.