I seem to be looking at things that are round and trying to be creative for Fall. We have been creating a variety of pumpkins here at The Shabby Tree but this one is just so easy to make. This pumpkin would look great on a front door or even sitting up on your fireplace mantle.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Round placemat (I’m using a whisker placemat that I purchased from Kirkland’s)

2. Orange spray paint

3. Scissors

4. Green ribbon or material (I’m using a green mesh ribbon from Hobby Lobby)

5. Spanish moss

6. Glue gun

The first step is to spray paint your place mat.

The first step is to glue your stem on. I am using a piece of a wooden stem that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. These wooden stems come on a long strip of felt. You can use a piece of a wooden shim or just a stick from outside.

Once your stem is glued in place I then cut the leaves out of my mesh ribbon.

I gathered the end of the leave and then glued in place.

The last step is to add some Spanish moss and your pumpkin is complete.

This turned out so cute and I think it will look great on a front door.