We are always trying to be creative here at The Shabby Tree and we recently found a way to be creative with plastic cup lids. The holidays are around the corner and bells are always a great decoration. You can easily create a fun and rusty looking bell by using 2 plastic dome shaped cup lids.

Some other items I will be using are:

1. Spray paint ( I’m using a gold color and a aged copper color)

2. Black paint

3. Antique wax

4. Cinnamon

5. Thick jute ( I got mine from the Dollar Tree)

6. Glue gun

7. Greenery

8. Ribbon (I’m using a burlap mesh ribbon)

9. Paint brush

The first step is to spray paint your lids.
Take a piece of your jute and tie a knot. This will be the hanger for your bell. You will glue your 2 cups together but be sure to place your jute up into the hole of the cup before glueing them together.
Next step is to add the antique wax over the lids to give it a rusty look. I blotch the wax all over the lids and then sprinkled cinnamon here and there over the wax.
Last you will glue your greenery and ribbon into the top of the bell. You can use any type of greenery and ribbon you want. I am using a mesh burlap ribbon to make a small bow and I cut some sprigs off of a Christmas greenery .
These are so easy to make and I just love how they turn out. You can paint these any colors you would like. I think they would look amazing created as red bells for Christmas. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.