Ok I seem to have a lot of stuffed ornaments for Valentine’s Day and Fourth of July. I wanted to come up with a fun and unique way to display them. They are always fun to add to a dough bowl but I wanted to create something fun. We have recently made ornaments from denim pockets which gave me the idea of creating a pocket envelope.

The supplies I will be using for this are:

1. Dollar Tree aluminum cookie sheets (you will need 2 sheets)

2. A piece of a canvas drop cloth (I have about a half a yard of canvas material)

3. Scissors

4. Hot glue

5. Ruler

6. Elmer’s glue

7. Fine silver glitter

8. Paint brush

9. Ink pen

The first step is to cut the cookie sheets.

I cut all of the edging off of the sheets and I cut them 9 inches wide.

You will want both sheets to be 9 inches wide.

You will want to measure the trays 7 inches high and mark it with your pen.

You will then fold the sheets at the 7 inch mark.

You will want to cut the top sheet. I cut the sheet right across the fold mark.

You will want to keep the sheet that measures 7 inches and discard the remaining piece.

Mark the second sheet 4 inches up from the fold line.

You will cut the excess top of the sheet off. Mark the center point which is at 4 1/2 inches. You will then draw a line from the center point to the corner of the fold line.

You will cut the corner pieces off. Now place the the top triangle piece down over the top of the bottom sheet.

You will trace this and then cut it out.

It is now time to cover both of the sheets with the canvas drop cloth material.

Be sure to double the canvas material.

Trace the sheets onto the canvas. I traced it slightly larger so that when it is glued together you will not see any of the aluminum sheet.

You will trace them and cut them out.

You will then glue the aluminum sheets between the two pieces of canvas material.

Once you have both aluminum sheets covered with the canvas sheets you will want to glue them together.

You will place the smaller piece on top of the larger piece forming your envelope.

Be sure not to glue the top of the smaller piece. You will need this to form the pocket of the envelope.

I used Elmer’s glue to add a trim of glitter to the envelope.

This is fun and easy to create. You can make this any size that you want and you can use any type of material that you want.

This is a fun envelope to fill for different holidays.

I hope you will get creative, have fun and give this a try!