I seem to find myself scrolling through Amazon a lot lately and I recently ordered rusty angel wings. When they arrived I was so excited to create my angel. I knew I wanted this angel to look more primitive but I also wanted it to be quick and easy to make.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Rusty angel wings (mine are 8 inches long and you can find my amazon affiliate link for them at the end of this blog post)

2. Industrial mop head

3. Twine

4. Moss

5. Scissors

6. Hot glue

7. Muslin material (you just need a few strips per angel)

The first step is to separate the strands of your mop. I found it easiest to use a seam ripper to separate the mop.

My mop strands are about 30 inches long so I cut a piece of muslin material 30 inches long.

I then cut slits at the bottom edge of the material. You can make these slits as wide or as thin as you want.

I then ripped my strips of muslin.

You will want to place your strips of muslin and your mop strips all together. You can use as many strips as you want. I used about 14 mop strips and 10 muslin strips. You will place them all together and then fold them evenly in half.

I then used a piece of twine to tie the strips together about 2 inches down from the top folded edge.

You will then want to wrap the twine around the top end to create the head of your angel.

I added a little hot glue to the very top as I wrapped the twine. Be sure to go in all different directions when wrapping the twine.

You will want to tie the end of the twine around the neck and tie a knot.

I added a little moss to the top of the head.

You will add hot glue to the center of the wings to secure them to the back of the angel.

I added a loop of twine to the back for hanging.

Here is my amazon affiliate link for the angel wings that I ordered https://amzn.to/3syjyhb

This angel is so easy to make and can be added so many ways throughout your home. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.