Fall is approaching and I have been trying to find ways to create some fun and unique pumpkins. I recently purchased a plastic candy jar from the Dollar Tree and I think we can easily turn it into a decorative pumpkin.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One plastic candy jar from the Dollar Tree

2. Rustic Orange spray paint by Rust-oleum

3. Dremel

4. Wire cutters

5. Scissors

6. A piece of paper

7. Elmer’s glue

8. Gold glitter

9. Hot glue

10. Wooden stem

11. Spanish Moss

I purchased the plastic candy jar from the Dollar Tree but you can use any type of round jar.

I used the wire cutters to cut the handle off of the lid.

Once I had the handle cut off I then used the dremel to sand down the rest.

I placed my piece of paper over the flat side of the jar and traced around the edge.

I then cut out the circle and placed it onto the flat side of the jar.

You will want to hold the paper down and then spray paint the jar.

Be sure to spray paint the lid to the jar.

You will use the hot glue to secure the wooden stem to the lid as shown in photo above.

I glued some Spanish moss around the stem.

I added some of the Elmer’s glue around the edge of the front circle area.

Once I had the Elmer’s glue in place I then sprinkled on some of the glitter I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

This was so easy to turn into a decorative pumpkin. I added some Spanish moss and a battery operated candle to the inside .

I hope you will have fun and give this fun decorative pumpkin a try.