Fall is approaching and a few of our followers are asking for pumpkin ideas using the Dollar Tree pumpkin form. We have created a few different pumpkins out of this pumpkin form but I have another idea. We are always trying to create unique items here at The Shabby Tree and here is a way to create a unique pumpkin.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Dollar Tree pumpkin form

2. One pack of brown paper lunch bags from the Dollar Tree

3. Hot glue

4. Orange spray paint

The first step is to make strips by connecting two brown bags together.

You will add hot glue to one end of one bag and then place the end of the other bag on top. Once both bags are glued together you will give the strip a twist.

You will glue the strip onto the pumpkin form. It is easier if you cover all of the wire strips of the pumpkin form first with the brown bag strips.

Once you have the strips added onto each wire strip then you will add more paper bag strips in between.

You can make smaller strips from the paper bags to fill in small gaps.

Once you have the pumpkin form covered with the paper bag strips you will then use the spray paint.

I decided to add some gel stain here and there

I sprayed both the front and backside of the pumpkin with the orange spray paint.

You can see the backside in photo above.

You will now use one paper bag to create the stem to the pumpkin.

I cut the end of the bag so that both ends are open. You will then slip it over the wire step on the pumpkin form.

You will twist the bag to form the stem of the pumpkin and use the hot glue to hold it in place.

I tied a few pieces of raffia around the stem.

This pumpkin turns out so unique and can be added any where in your home. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.