I have been trying to think of some crafts we can do with supplies that we have at our home. It is Easter weekend and I knew it would be a great time to make a cross. You can keep this cross up in your home all year long. I love this DIY because you can create it any size you want.

The main supplies you will need for this DIY are:

1. Two sticks from your yard

2. Twine

3. Material

You can use any size sticks you want. The size of your sticks will determine the size of your cross. I am also using burlap material and and old cream tablecloth I have.

You will have to have one stick slightly smaller than the other. You need your sticks to form a cross. Once you form your cross you will need to wrap twine around the center.

Wrapping the twine in all directions is going to secure your cross together.

You will need to tie a knot to hold it all together.

You will need to tie a knot to hold it all together.

I am cutting my strips 9 inches long and about an inch wide.

You will want to wrap your strip around the stick and then double knot it to say secure.

I am doing the same process to my burlap material.

I am alternating my strips of material as I cover my sticks.

You will continue this process covering all of your sticks.

When your cross is complete you will have 2 different sides.

You can use either side as the front of your cross. I’m going to add some doilies and bling to the front of mine.

I’m In love with how this cross turned out. This can be made smaller for ornaments on your tree or even larger for a statement piece in your home.