I have a few dough bowls and I love to fill them with fun and unique items. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so I have been trying to come up with some ways to create some fun hearts to place in my dough bowls or on my decorative trays. I always tell everyone to keep an open mind when looking at items. The Dollar Tree has tinsel shamrock’s right now but if you take a good look at them you will see that you can create a few hearts out of them.

I will be using the tinsel shamrocks to create a few rag hearts. A few other items I will be using are hot glue, scissors and material.

I am using a cotton material and I will be ripping strips about one inch wide. You will want to rip in the grain of the material. You can make your strips as wide as you want.



Once you have all of your strips of material you will then want to take all of the tinsel off of the shamrocks. I just used scissors and cut the tinsel off.

Once all the tinsel is off of the shamrock you will then want to cut the shamrock apart.

You will want to cut the shamrock to give you three small hearts.

I will be using 2 hearts and placing them together. This is an optional step but I want my hearts to be a dimensional heart .

I tied one end of a strip of material to the top section of the hearts. This will help hold my hearts together as I wrap the strips around the heart.

Be sure to cut the small round center piece off of the hearts. This will allow the material to wrap around the center of your heart better.

You will start to wrap your strips around the heart. I glued each end of the strip down and then glued the start of the next strip down.

I continued adding the strips until the heart was completely covered.

I glued the end of the last strip in place.

These are so easy to make and look great in my dough bowl. You can place these almost any where throughout your home.

I hope you will all get creative and give these a try.