We seem to use napkins for a variety of different crafts here at The Shabby Tree. I want to create a fun decoration that can be easily changed for a different holiday or season. After looking through my supplies I’ve decided to make a reversible pocket decoration. This pocket will have two different sides and we’ll be using napkins for the images on each side.





The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One 9 x 7.5 inch piece of wood

2. Hot glue

3. Mod Podge for fabric

4. Paint brush

5. One piece of muslin material ( 7 x 17 inches)

6. Scissors

7. Two different napkins

You can find the napkins that I’m using on European Excellency. Be sure to use Code Barb for a 10% discount on your purchase.


The first step is to remove the back layers of the napkins.

Once I had the back layers removed I then ripped the size image that I wanted. I like the ragged edge look which is why I ripped mine.

You’ll want to decide where you want the napkin placed onto the material. I’ll be wrapping this material around my piece of wood which will create a pocket on each side of my wood.

I added the decoupage to the fabric and then placed the napkin onto the fabric. Once the napkin was in place I then added more decoupage over the napkin.

You’ll want to add the second napkin the same way. It was tricky trying to figure out exactly where to place the napkins to be in the center of each pocket. It might be easier to use 2 separate pieces of fabric.

I added some hot glue at the bottom of one side of my wood. My wood has a crackle look which is very easy to create with Elmer’s glue.

Be sure to press the material and napkin down onto the hot glue.

I added hot glue onto one side of the wood.

Press the material onto the hot glue.

I added some greenery under the fabric to see where I should glue the fabric onto the other side. This pocket will be filled with greenery and flowers so I want to be sure that I don’t glue the fabric down too tight.

I decide to cut the piece of fabric with the hydrangea napkin. Cutting the fabric made it easier for me to make sure that my napkin stayed in the center of my wood.

After glueing the fabric onto the wood you should have 2 pockets as shown in photo above.

I added some greenery and flowers to the hydrangea side.

This makes a great Spring decoration. As it get’s closer to Fall I can flip my wood and use the other pocket for a Fall decoration.

You can see how to create a crackle effect using Elmer’s glue by clicking the link down below.


This pocket is very easy to make and will make a great decoration for any season or holiday.