If your like me and you like to take off your wedding ring when cleaning or even before going to bed then this simple project is for you.


All you need is a small photo frame, quilt batting or stuffing, a piece of scrap material, scissors, glue gun and a ball headed pin 



First I took the glass and paper out of my frame.



Then I used the paper from frame to trace my batting pieces. You will want your batting to be thick because we need it to form a pillow top. I find the batting easier to use then the stuffing.



I then used the paper to trace my material. You will want to leave about a half inch extra around material. You will need to tuck this part under batting.



Once material is cut you need to put some hot glue around edges of batting



Place material on top of batting and then place glue onto back piece of frame




Now you need to tuck your material under batting and place onto the back piece of frame. This should form a pillow top onto the back piece of frame.






Close the frame and use the the hooks on frame to keep it closed. Once you are done flip frame over .


Add your ball headed pin at a slant into the fabric and you now have a unique ring holder. I think this adorable to keep by your kitchen sink or on your night stand by your bed. Get creative with this and use a frame and material that will match your decor to your room.