Ok if you’re following The Shabby Tree then you already know how much I love trees. We’ve created so many different types of trees and today I want to create one using some rope and beads.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Clothesline that I purchased from Walmart ( mine is 100ft)

2. One tree stick ( mine is 18 inches long)

3. Scissors

4. Hauser Medium Green acrylic paint by DecoArt

5. Paint brush

6. Wooden beads ( mine are an assorted pack from Walmart)

I cut my clothesline into 42 inch strips. You can use any type of rope for this tree. I got 29 strips from my pack of clothesline.

You’ll want to fold each strip in half and wrap then around the tree stick.

Make a loop around the stick and bring both ends of your rope up and through the loop.

I did this for 28 of my strips and I saved the last strip to create a hanger.

Once you have all the strips in place you’ll then paint a tree. I found my center point and worked from there.

I painted one side and then flipped it over to paint the other side. This can be a little tricky but you want to be sure to get the green area around the entire piece of rope.

It seems not all of my ropes were cut exactly 42 inches which made my bottom uneven. I like the look and I will be leaving it uneven. Once the paint was dry I randomly started adding some wooden beads.

I added some tape to the ends of the rope to help make it easier to slide the beads on.

I did have to drill a few of my beads to make the hole bigger.

I was going to paint a few of my beads red but I decided to keep them as is. Once I had the beads in place I then removed the tape from the ends of the rope.

You can trim the ends of the rope with scissors or use a lighter to burn the ends.

I chose to burn my ends so the center part of the rope will not fray.

This is very easy to make and will look great hanging any where in your home. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.