I have been seeing a lot of round placemats in the stores lately. We have used round placemats four some of our Diy’s in the past but I have another idea for some. The neutral colored ones from Home Goods have caught my eye and I want to create a fun and unique purse with some.

The supplies that I will be using are:

1. Two 15” round placemats

2. One round 14”x14” wood bead wreath from Hobby Lobby

3. Scissors

4. Yarn needle

5. Natural jute ( mine is 2 ply from the Dollar Tree)

The first step is to fold over the top section of the placemat. You can make your flap as big as you want.





You will use the yarn needle and jute to sew the flap down in place.

You will do this to both placemats.

The next step is to line up both placemats and sew them together around the edge. Do not sew along the top folded area.

I started at the top corner of the flap and worked my way around to the other side of the flap.

You will tie a knot at the end . Once you have the placemats sewn together you will then add the wood bead wreath inside the placemats.

I sewed around the top sides of the bead wreath and I sewed a small section at the bottom center area of the wreath. This will help secure the wreath in place and will create the handle to the purse.

This purse is so quick and easy to make and I hope you will get creative and give it a try.

This makes the cutest purse but can also be used as a door wreath. You would just need to add some artificial flowers to turn it into a fun wreath.