I have all kinds of lights throughout my home. My home is full of trees with lights and I have a variety of lamps in all sizes. I love keeping night lights in my kitchen and bathrooms to give the perfect amount of light at night. One of my followers sent me a cute idea using a salt shaker and I just knew I had to give it a try! I loved it so much I want to share it with all of you!

The supplies you will need are:

1. Salt shaker

2. Elmer’s glue

3. Coffee filters or tissue paper

4. Scissors

5. Paint brush

6. Twine

7. Ribbon

8. Embellishment

9. Hot glue

10. Night light base

The first thing you will want to do is decoupage your salt shaker. I am using coffee filters that I coffee stained. Tissue paper would also work great for this.

You want to rip your coffee filters or tissue paper up into smaller pieces.

Next you want to paint your Elmer’s glue onto the salt shaker.

You will place the coffee filter pieces on top of the Elmer’s glue and then paint more Elmer’s glue over that.

You will do this until the whole salt shaker is completely covered. I turned it upside down to dry.

Once it is completely dried you will want to add your ribbon. I cut a strip of ribbon to wrap around the salt shaker.

I am adding hot glue to hold the two ends together.

Next I will add some jute around the top rim of the salt shaker.

You can then add some ribbons and embellishments. Be sure to have your ribbons facing down towards the rim of the salt shaker.

The opening of the salt shaker will slide onto the night light base.

I love how creative you can get when decorating these. These are so simple to make and I hope you will all give it a try. You can find a set of salt and pepper shakers in the Dollar Tree.