I found myself in Home Goods today and I found the best Santa napkin. As soon as I saw this napkin I knew I had to get it for a craft.

You get 40 of these napkins in one pack for $3.99.

I want to create two different items using this napkin.

The supplies that I’ll be using are :

1. One Santa napkin

2. Decoupage

3. One glass bulb from Target

4. One wooden shadow box from the Dollar Tree

5. Green and cream paint

6. Paint brush

7. Crystal glitter

I removed the back layers of the napkin first.

I first added decoupage to the glass bulb and then added the napkin.

I added one more coat of the decoupage over the top if the napkin.

I added a green paint over the glass area around the napkin. I’m using Holly Green by DecoArt.

Once the green paint was dry I then added more decoupage and sprinkled on the crystal glitter.

For the second item I added a cream chalky finish paint by DecoArt to the shadow box.

Once the paint was dry I then added decoupage and then the napkin.

You will want to add another coat of decoupage over the napkin.

Once I added the decoupage I sprinkled some of the crystal glitter onto the shadow box.

You can leave this as is or add a fun bow to the top.

I thought it would be fun to add some battery operated lights to the bulb.

These were very easy to make and I hope this will inspire you to have fun and get creative.