I decorate a lot for all holidays and I have been wanting something fun and different for St. Patrick’s Day. Everything in the stores seem to be made with green sparkle or green tinsel. I wanted something made out of material and more of a neutral color.




The supplies you will need for this project are:

1. Material ( I am using a canvas drop cloth from Walmart)

2. 4 wire hangers

3. Wire

4. Scissors

5. Spanish moss

6. Glue gun and surebonder fabric glue






The first thing to do is take a hanger and form it to the shape of a heart. You will want to do this to three hangers. 

Once you have the hanger shaped like a heart you will want to trace it 3 times onto your canvas material. You will want to make sure you have your material doubled because you will need two pieces of material for each hanger.

When you have them all traced and cut you should have 6 pieces total cut out. You will also want to cut two pieces for the stem that you will form from your fourth hanger.
After you have cut out your material you will take the hangers you have formed into heart shapes and place them together to form a shamrock.



Now you will take the fourth hanger and shape it to form the stem of your shamrock. I cut the hook of the hanger off with wire cutters. I then wrapped some floral wire around the ends to hold it together.
You will place your hangers together to form the shape of a shamrock. I then took more of the floral wire and secured all the hangers together. There is no particular way to do this. I just wrapped wire wherever I thought it would secure the hangers together.
It is now time to start glueing your material to the wired shamrock. You will place a piece of your material to the front and back of each hanger. I put the glue all around the edge of the material and then press the two pieces together.
You will want to do this to your stem also.
Once you have all the hangers covered with your material pieces you will have a large material shamrock. I then took glue and outlined the sections of the shamrock and added my moss.
I continued adding the moss until the whole shamrock was outlined with moss.
This is a large and unique shamrock that can be used throughout your home. This would make an amazing wreath for your front door or a large statement piece on your mantle. This is a fun DIY and I hope you will all give it a try.