It seems like we are all trying to clean and get organized lately. If you have been cleaning out your closets then you might want to hang onto any type of button button down shirts that you were thinking of getting rid of. We are always trying to be creative here at The Shabby Tree and there is a very quick and easy way to turn a button down shirt into a pillow cover.

The supplies I will be using are :

1. One button down flannel shirt (mine is a size large)

2. Surebonder fabric glue and glue gun

3. Scissors

4. Wooden love sign from the Dollar Tree (optional)

5. Spray bottle with bleach and water (optional)

6. Small pillow ( I suggest a travel pillow or standard bed pillow)

The first step is to cut the shirt. I cut straight across below the pockets.

I then cut the bottom of the shirt off to give me a straight edge. Be sure to have the shirt buttoned and evenly flattened out when cutting.

I want to do a bleach technique onto my pillow cover so I am adding a piece of cardboard up into my shirt piece.

I placed a wooden love sign onto the shirt and then sprayed my bleach mixture over the love sign. My mixture is 50 percent water and 50 percent bleach. I am doing the bleach technique on the side of the shirt without the buttons.

Once you are done doing the bleach technique you will want to let the shirt dry and then turn it inside out.

You will want to use the surebonder glue to close shut both opened sides of the shirt.






Be sure to do a straight line of glue down each side and press both sides of the shirt together.

Once you have both sides glued shut you will open the button area to turn the pillow case back to the right sides facing out.






Insert the pillow into the pillow case and button it back up.

This pillow case is so quick and easy to make. You can do any type of button down shirt and you can skip the bleach effect. I love how this pillow turned out and I hope you will give it a try.