I’m always using old silver trays throughout my home and I think I have one in every room of my house. I have a few in my kitchen with salt,pepper and napkins on it. I knew I wanted something that can turn for easier access. This is a simple and quick project that I think your going to love.

The supplies you will need are
a silver tray ,
a turn table( this one is from Walmart)
silver spray paint,
gorilla glue
and a hex saw.




The turn table I purchased from Walmart has a raised edging around the rim. I want my silver try to lie flat on turn table so I decided to cut edging off.



I found it easier to cut small pieces going around the turn table. This will allow you to just snap each piece off.







Once your edging is off you will want to spray paint the turn table. I’m using a silver spray paint from Walmart. I give it a few light coats allowing a few minutes between coats to dry.





Once it is dry you will then glue the turn table to bottom side of your silver tray.
Put glue onto the top piece of turn table then flip and place turn table onto your bottom piece of silver tray.





I would give the pieces a full day to completely dry before using. This is a cute and simple project that I hope you will all try.