We use small burlap sacks here at The Shabby Tree for our jewelry on our website. I love to craft with all types of items and I knew when looking at these small sacks that we could create some fun Fall and Halloween decorations with them.

These small cloth sacks can be purchased from Amazon or you can find them in Hobby Lobby or any craft store.You can also use fabric and make small sacks .

The first step is to paint your small sack green.

Some other items you will need are:

1. Hot glue

2. Stuffing

3. Paint in colors black, white and silver

4. Paint brush

You will want to stuff your sack and glue the bottom closed.

You will then slightly pull the draw strings and roll them up and glue into place. These will be painted silver to look like screws.

Now it is time to paint the face of your Frankenstein. You can get creative and paint the face any way you like.

These are so easy to make and they can be used as ornaments on a tree or filler for your dough bowl.