We’re always creating a variety of things here at The Shabby Tree. I was decorating my Christmas Tree and I thought it would be fun to create a new ornament for the tree. I always love seeing snow globes at Christmas time so I thought It would be fun to create a snow globe ornament.

The supplies that I’ll be using are: 1. Plastic ornament from Hobby Lobby 2. Hot glue 3. Decoupage 4. Paint brush 5. Silver tinsel 6. Cardboard 7. X-acto knife 8. Mica flakes 9. Printed napkin from European Excellency

The plastic ornament from Hobby Lobby comes in two pieces. I’ll be using only one piece for this ornament.

You will trace the ornament half onto a piece of cardboard as shown in photo above. I also drew a bottom that looks like a base to a snow globe.

You will use the x-acto knife to cut it out.

The next step is to decoupage the napkin onto the cardboard. Be sure to remove the back layers of the napkin.

I added decoupage to the top section of the cardboard.

You will add the napkin and then add more decoupage over the napkin.

Remove the excess napkin as shown in photo above.

Once the decoupage is dry you’ll then place a small amount of the mica flakes in the center.

Add hot glue around the top circle area as shown in photo above.

Place the plastic ornament piece onto the hot glue. Be sure to have the hanger part at the top.

I then glued the tinsel around the top ornament piece and around the bottom cardboard area.

This is very quick and easy to make . You can decoupage a family photo or any type of picture onto the cardboard.

You can find the napkin that I used on European Excellency by clicking the link below.







This ornament would make a fun gift idea. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.