If you love decorating and you love snowmen then your going to love this DIY! I wanted to make a snowman hat that can be used as a tree topper or one that I can put on a larger handmade snowman. I found some paper mache containers in Hobby Lobby and I knew they would work perfect for a snowman hat!


The supplies you will need are:

1. Round container (I am using paper mache containers I got from Hobby Lobby)

2. Black spray paint

3. Round flat circle (I am using wooden circles from Hobby Lobby but a round cardboard cake tray would also work)

4. Glue gun

5. Ribbon of your choice

6. Greenery or embellishment of your choice

The first thing I did was spray paint my paper mache container which will be the top piece to my hat. I will not be using the lid to this container so you can set that aside. The next thing I did was spray paint my round wooden circle which will be the bottom piece to my hat. I spray painted both sides of this wooden circle.




Once both of the pieces dried completely I glued them together. I place hot glue on the bottom opening of my container and then placed it onto my wooden circle.






I then cut my ribbon to be glued around the hat. My ribbon was very wide so I cut it to be about 3 inches wide.





I glued my ribbon on and then I glued my greenery to the front. I love this DIY because you can make this in a variety of sizes and use it many different ways. This hat can be used as a tree topper if you cut a hole in the bottom, it can be an ornament if you make it smaller, it can be placed on top of a handmade snowman or it can just be a decorative piece to place on your table.






Here are some photos of the items I used to create this DIY. I really hope you all enjoyed this craft and I hope you give it a try!