One item that is always fun to add to your Christmas decor is a snowman. We have made a variety of snowmen in the past but I found 3 items in the Dollar Tree that create a simple and fun snowman head.

These three items placed together will create a fun snowman head that you can get creative with.

The items that I’ll be using to create this fun and decorative snowman head are:

1. One plastic candy jar from the Dollar Tree

2. One plastic plate that is 5.75 inches

3. One glass candle holder

4. E6000 glue

5. Hot glue

6. Flat black spray paint by Rust-oleum

7. Heirloom white colored spray paint by Rust-oleum

8. Paint brush

9. Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint by DecoArt ( color black)

10. Acrylic paint by DecoArt ( colors Cinnamon Stick and Spiced Pumpkin)

11. DAS air dry modeling clay

12. Elmer’s Glue

13. Mica flakes

You can find the number for the glass candle holder in the photo above.

The first step is to spray paint the Dollar Tree items. You will spray paint the candy jar with the Heirloom White and the other items with the flat black.

You will add the E6000 glue to the bottom of the candle holder.

I placed the plastic plate upside down and then placed the candle holder in the center.

You will want to form a nose for the snowman out of the Das modeling clay.

I made a few and set them out in the sun to dry.

I added some of the cinnamon stick and spiced pumpkin colored paint over the nose.

I added a small amount of the E6000 glue to the nose and some hot glue around the E6000 glue.

You will use the chalky finish paint to create some eyes and a mouth.

I decided to add Elmer’s glue over the whole snowman head and then I sprinkled on the mica flakes.

I added some styrofoam and greenery to the top of the hat.

I thought it would be fun to add a timer taper candle.

You can add some battery operated lights to the snowman head.

This was very easy to make and you can always use the hat as a separate decoration.

I hope you will get creative and give this a try.