Ok everyone I know that you should all have a sock of some sort in your home. This DIY sock bunny works best if you have a long sock. Easter will be here before you know it and this bunny is such a cute decoration to add to your home. I think you will all love how easy this bunny is to create.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Long sock (I purchased a pack of long white socks from Walmart in the men’s department)

2. Aquarium gravel

3. Scissors

4. Twine

5. Wire

6. Wire cutters

7. Brown and black paint

8. Paint brush

9. Ribbon

10. Doilies and bling

The first step is to fill the bottom of your sock with some of the aquarium gravel.

You want to fill the sock forming the bottom half of your bunny. How much gravel to add will depend on how big you want your bunny to be.

Once you have the bottom part of the sock filled you will need to tie some twine around the sock.




You will now want to add more aquarium gravel to form the top part of your bunny.

You will tie off the top part the same way as you tied the bottom.

Now you will need to cut the top piece of the sock to form your ears of the bunny.

You will now need to add wire to form the ears. The wire is going to allow your ears to stand up and be shaped

You will want to fold the wire in half and form it to the length of your ear. Be sure to cut your wire long enough so that you can insert it down into the bunny. You will need to insert the wire down into the head of your bunny because this will help support your ears to stand up.

I added hot glue to help hold the wire in place.

You will now add hot glue up the one side of the sock.

You will now add hot glue up the one side of the sock.

You will do the same thing when you get to the top.

You will do this same process to the second ear.

You now have the form of your bunny.

I am adding doilies are the neck area.

I cut a slice in the doily so that I can wrap the doily around the neck of the bunny.

You will want to add hot glue to connect the head and bottom part of your bunny together.

You can add ribbons around the ears to form a rag bow.

I added doilies and bling to my rag bow.

I added a face with black and brown paint.

I cut 2 pieces of wire for whiskers.

These bunnies are so easy to make and I love that you can create them in a variety of ways. I coffee stained a white sock but your bunny can be created with any color sock you like. You can get creative and use buttons for the eyes. I hope you will all give this DIY a try and create it your way.