I am not a gnome lover but I have been doing a lot of crafts with socks lately and I just knew a sock would be perfect for creating a gnome. You can get very creative with this and make it as big or as small as you want. Since we are using a sock you can also choose to paint or coffee stain it.

The supplies you will need for this are:

1. A sock

2. Mop head

3. Glue

4. Scissors

5.fish tank gravel

6. Fiberfill

7. Wooden bead (I’m using a 1 1/4 inch bead from Hobby Lobby

8. Rubber and

I am using men’s socks from Walmart. I love these socks because they are a very long sock. I am also coffee staining my socks.

I place warm water in a bowl and add instant coffee and cinnamon. How dark you want your socks to be will determine how much coffee to add. I add anywhere from 1/2 cup – 1 cup of instant coffee to my bowl of water and mix it together. I then soak my socks and ring them out. I like to lay my socks out in the sun to dry.

Once I have my socks coffee stained and dried I then cut the top part of my sock off.

Set the top piece of the sock aside because we will use this in just a minute to make the hat.

Now you will want to add the fish tank gravel to the sock.

I added some fiberfill to the top of the fish tank gravel.

You will then tie off the top with a rubberband.

Now you will need to cut a few strands off of your mop. I am using an industrial size mop that I purchased from Walmart.

Once you have your strands cut you will need to glue them onto your filled sock. You will want to fold the strands in half and glue them in place going around the sock.

Once you have all your strands glued in place it is time to add the top piece of your sock for the hat.

I cut some of the excess off at the top.

Once your hat is glued in place you will want to glue your head on for the nose.

Your hat will need a tassel. I cut a few strand from the mop and tied them in the center. I then unraveled all of the strands to form a pom pom.

Be sure to glue the end piece of the hat closed and gathered together.

Now you will need to glue your pom pom onto the end of the hat.

The last step is to unravel all your mop strands. This will give your gnome a fuller look.

This gnome turned out so stinkin cute and I hope you will all give it a try! You can coffee stain your sock or you can use acrylic paint and paint it. This gnome would be very cute with the hat painted red.