We have been making a few things out of socks here at The Shabby Tree and I knew there had to be something fun we could make for Christmas! I love decorating for almost every holiday but Christmas is by far one of my favorites when it comes to decorating. I love snowmen and I thought we could make a quick and easy one using a simple sock!

The supplies you will need are:
1. A long sock (I found some long Fruit of the Loom socks in Walmart)
2. Fish tank gravel
3. Polyester fiberfill (I get mine from Hobby Lobby)
4. Black and orange paint
5. Hot glue
6. Twine
7. Rubberband
8. Ribbons
9. Small doilies and bling
10. Sticks
11. Paint brush
I wanted a grungy look to my snowman so I coffee stained my sock. This is an optional step. To coffee stain my sock I added cinnamon and instant coffee to warm water.
I soak the socks in the coffee and then ring them out and lay them in the sun to dry.
The first step is to cut the toe end of the sock off. Be sure to cut it long enough so that it can be used as your hat to your snowman.
Now you will need to turn the remainder piece of the sock inside out and glue the end shut.
Be sure to push the ends together so that the glue sticks the two pieces together.
You will then turn the sock with rights sides out and you should now have a closed end.
You will now need to fill the bottom of the sock with some of the fish tank gravel. The fish tank gravel will give some weight to your snowman so that he will stand up well. Once you have some gravel on the bottom you will then add some of the stuffing.
When you have the bottom of the snowman as big as you want it to be then tie it off with a piece of twine.
Do the same thing to the top of your snowman. Add some gravel and then stuffing.
I tied off the top of the sock with a rubber band. You will need to cut off the rest of the sock but be sure to leave about 2 inches. The extra 2 inches will help your hat to stand up.
You will want to add some hot glue between the top and bottom layers of your sock snowman.
Now it’s time to add your ribbons. I am using 3 different ribbons and wrapping them around the neck of my snowman.
You will want to tie them in place and then add your embellishments.
You will need to add your sticks for the arms. I used the scissors to poke a small hole in the sock. You can then add hot glue to your sticks and insert them into the hole.
Once your arms are in place you will want to start painting on your face.
The last step is to paint your toe piece black which will be used as the hat to your snowman.
You will add some hot glue to the inside of the hat and attach it to the head of your snowman.
I then added a small doily and some bling.
This snowman is so easy to make and I hope you will give it a try! You can use him any where throughout your home.