We recently got some metal star ornaments that I have been wanting to get creative with. These are a larger metal star ornament and I think they can easily be connected together to create a fun and unique candle ring.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Two metal stars ( these are from our website and you can find the link below)

2. Scrap piece of lace

3. Decoupage by DecoArt

4. Paint brush

5. Scissors

6. Hammer and nail

7. Scrap piece of wood

8. Two brads

You will want to remove the twine hanger from the stars.

Overlap your stars and use the hammer and nail to create a hole on each side of the stars.

Once you have the holes made you will then cut out your lace.

I cut my lace stars a little bigger then the metal star. You can trim the lace off the ends if the star later.

You will add the decoupage onto the metal stars.

Place the lace cut out onto the decoupage and then add more decoupage over the lace.

You will then set them aside to dry.

You can trim the excess lace off of the edges.

It is now time to create a curve to the stars.

Once you have the stars curved you will connect them together with the 2 brads. Match the holes of the stars together and then add the brad.

I decided to add some silver glitter around the edges of the stars. This is optional but I live how it looks.

I placed the star onto a fun candle ring and placed a candle in the center.

This was very easy to create and I hope you will give it a try. You can find the link for stars down below.