The Dollar Tree is putting out all of their Fall items and a few wooden items caught my eye. They have wooden Halloween cut outs that would work perfect as a stencil. We create a lot of items out of cardboard here at The Shabby Tree and I just know that this item will work perfect on a cardboard pumpkin.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Cardboard or foam board

2. Scissors

3. Twine

4. Hot glue

5. Box cutter

6. Dollar Tree wooden Halloween cut out

7. Back and cream spray paint

8. Spanish moss

9. Marker

10. Walnut gel stain (optional)

The first step is to draw a pumpkin shape onto the cardboard. I placed the wooden cut out onto the cardboard and then drew my pumpkin around the cut out.

I used a box cutter to cut out the pumpkin. The next step is to cover the cardboard pumpkin with spray paint. I am covering the cardboard pumpkin with black spray paint first.

Once the pumpkin was covered with the black spray paint I then laid the stencil onto the pumpkin and covered the pumpkin with the cream spray paint.

You can do this same process using different cut outs.

When you lift the wooden cut out your stencil will appear. I used the hot glue to wrap the stem with twine. You can add some of the walnut gel stain to give them a grungy look.

These are so easy to create and will make a great Halloween decoration. You can create these with any type of stencil or even a piece of lace material. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.