Summer is here and I absolutely love decorating my yard during the warm weather. I wanted to create something easy but something that will allow me to add some color to my yard. I know a terra cotta pot is a great item for the yard so I thought we could create some fun and colorful mushrooms with them!

The supplies you will need are:
1. Terra Cotta pots (I am using a variety of sizes that I got from Hobby Lobby)
2. Terra cotta trays (I picked up two different size trays from Hobby Lobby)
3. Spray paint (you can use any color you would like. I am using a red and a white)
4. E6000 glue
5. Acrylic paint (I’m using white)
6. Paint brush
The first step is to spray paint your pots and trays. You can paint your mushrooms any color you want. I am painting all my pots white and all of my trays red.
I painted both sides of the trays but only the outer part of the pots.
I then placed the E6000 glue onto the bottom of the pot.
You will then add your tray to the top.
Be sure to add your tray facing down.
The last step is to paint your dots onto the trays. You can use a circle sponge for this step or a paint brush as I did.
I just added the dots here and there over the tray.
These are so easy to create and they look so good in my yard. I hope you all enjoy this fun DIY!